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Digital Collage

Todd Brown's experiences in visual design and fine arts led him to create a new form of art in modern collage prints. His digitally crafted photomontages offer a new way of exploring layers of both analog and digital collages. The connection point of his work has multiple overlays and loud contrasting colors as do the many obscure contrasts of materialistic photographs which are also overlapped with multiple hidden layers. Todd's works are surreal with a sexy collage pop art flair.

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Red Jennifer, Green Chopper
Tell me something new, it’s always Ocean Blue
37.00 carat Great white diamond
Orange Jennifer
Red Jungle, Green Gator
The Age of collage #3
Religion through your iphone
Laying down the Green
Hammerhead Forrest
Orange Dorsal
David Yurman & his new Red Alfa
Where hand held machines are abound
Welcome Home baby Doll
Radiant Cut with Diamond drops in her eyes
Frigid Winter days
Oscar Heyman 5.53 carat cushion and his red wolf
Even the sun bows to East Boca
Fire Breathing Bull Shark
Laying down the Green 2
Subpoena by Van Cleef & Arpels
Never date a Bull shark or a Supermodel
Blue Penelope
Straight up Cash
Seventy hours earlier, the Red hangar
MB&F and the Old Masters
Tangent several layers
Iphone and the Shark
Bicker is your name
Run to the shed & get grandfathers knife
Diamond Stud headlights
Hey 21
Its emotions wiring from everyman
Be careful what you say
You see the one side, but refuse to face it
She's not in the Mood
One way money-honey
Night Watch
Drive so high, you could touch it in the sky
After David
Merry Land
Another radical Dream, becomes a long lost friend
So sublime
I'm in the bright light now
Green Eutaw Street
Would rather see the night then the reason of the day
Red Winter
Walking back from your house